Vendor FAQs

What is the Happy Hours™ ?
Why should I register my business ?
Can I register more than one business ?
Can I put my single business under multiple categories ?
How long will my business listing(s) remain active ?
Can I change my business listing text anytime and as per my requirement ?
How do I get my business listing to be highlighted ?
Why I am not able to add/upload more than five images ?
Can I upload my custom ad ?
Can I customize the look and feel of my business’s profile on Happy Hours™? What if I don’t have the designs ?
How can I know how many users are visiting my business profile on Happy Hours™ ?
What is the difference between a regular business listing and paid image or video banners ?
How do I promote my product(s) / service(s) to specific group of users ?
Can I share my listing details on social media ?
How do I delete my business listing(s) ?
How do I delete my vendor account ?
Why my business account has been locked ?
What is the procedure to unlock my business account ?